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Did you know a Gold member receives 40% for each referral that deposits money? -or- Get a $1.00 account cash for Upgrading to Platinum.

"Top Auto Surfer" for the week

Have your site here. How? Be the top auto surfer or top manual surfer for the week. (Manual surfer is required to surf 100 sites for the week)

"Top Manual Surfer" for the week
"Lisa Hebert"

Why are we different than other traffic exchanges?

Top 5 reasons why you should join BestFreeTraffic.net

1) Best Customer Service!
2) Tons of FREE Traffic to your website!
3) When we join a new site, we use one of our members' referral URL!
4) We care about our "Family". If we find a site that is not paying our "Family", we ban the site from our system! Also, we do not allow any sites that are beyond "G" rated!
5) We have been adhering to these practices since 2004! That is TEN years!
Just one more reason in case the top five has not convinced you.

  • Best Free Traffic is one of the Top Free Traffic Exchanges!

  • At Best Free Traffic we are an Autosurf Traffic Exchange with the free traffic to your website.
    We have the Best Manual Surf with progressive surf ratios.
    Yes, surf today and benefit tomorrow with a higher surf ratio.
    Whether you auto surf or manual surf any way you choose,
    We reward you to surf Period!

    Not only will you get free traffic at our Traffic Exchange, we have PTC ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Surfbar Ads, Prize pages, Splash Pages, Slot machine, and contests for you to earn!

    We are an Audio Free Site.
    You choose as to what you like to listen to.

    Now are you Ready for a Best Free Traffic Account?

    Here are some Benefits that BestFreeTraffic.net has to offer!!

  • Basic Members - 15 Second Timer (Auto) - 12 Second Timer (Manual)
  • Upgraded Members - 12 Second Timer (Auto) - 10 Second Timer (Manual)
  • 500 FREE Auto Credits and 250 FREE Manual Credits to all New Members
  • Up to 10 urls are allowed for Free Member Accounts
  • Earn Credits for reading our Newsletter
  • Earn Credits by visiting other member sites at Best Free Traffic
  • Earn Credits by referring others to Best Free Traffic
  • Earn Credits by playing our Online Member Games
  • Earn Credits from Members Paid to Click Ads
  • Earn Credits every day you log in to your Best Free Traffic account
  • Credits earned from surfing are automatically assigned to your sites.
  • Win Extra Credits from Surfing Bonuses, up to 1250 credits(watch the surf bar)
  • Top 25 Surfers are reset weekly, giving everyone a chance for the Top 25
  • You can Purchase New "Surf bar Ads"
  • Members can Purchase Banner Ads, Text Ads, or Paid to Click Ads at low cost
  • Members can buy web site traffic at low cost for more advertising
  • Paid Memberships at Best Free Traffic as low as $3.99 per month available with more URLs, credits, Random Referrals and more...
  • No popups, downloads, frame breakers, re-directs, audio, video, PTP, fly-ins, slide-ins, non-family friendly sites or rotators allowed!
  • Members are required to surf 100 auto sites to receive free auto credits
  • Members are required to surf 50 manual sites to receive free manual credits
  • Only one account is allowed per person
  • Members must have a valid site in rotation at all times
  • SIGNUP for your "FREE" Best Free Traffic account and whenever
    you want to receive "Tons of Free Traffic" just log into your Best Free Traffic
    account and click the 'Auto Surf or Manual Surf' link.

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    Top 20 Auto Surfers
    Stan Lakocy91175
    Edward Najjar63755
    cheryl wolfe62260
    Sivert Amneus29260
    Jerry Combs28650
    Robert Norton25814
    Richard D Pennington17660
    Robert Anthony Roscigno17005
    Tracy Lewis12537
    Jiri Lukavec11425
    Michael Lines10939
    Rich LaBoy9607
    Mike Cosma8562
    spike watkins6786

    Top 5 Manual Surfers
    Robert Anthony Roscigno2432
    James Kelley1620
    cheryl wolfe1030
    David Simo369
    Michael Lines361

    Top 10 Referrers
    Robert Norton5
    Robert Anthony Roscigno1
    Peter van de Leur1
    Jiri Lukavec1

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    Our surfing stats are reset every Sunday

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